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Mixing Pigments

With A Bit Of Practice, Paint Is An Exciting Medium To Work With

We are an independently owned painting academy for both beginners and slightly more experienced artists, employing professional, qualified teachers and trained classroom assistants to conduct all of our part-time weekly adult art courses within the general Christchurch, Highcliffe, Ferndown, Wimborne, Ringwood, Verwood, Bournemouth, Poole, Fordingbridge and Salisbury conurbation.

We are delighted to have been selected to represent The Seasons Art Class as their only partner within the coastal Dorset area, an established nationally represented painting school with a glowing reputation for both teaching and creativity, and this is an accolade of which we are very proud. It has enabled us to fine-tune the curriculum and timetable of our tutoring sessions and provide a level of teaching that is unrivalled within the Salisbury, Christchurch, Poole and Bournemouth area.

We aim to incorporate a happy, relaxed feel to our tutorials, providing not just a high level of tuition to help develop potential artists in mediums such as pastel drawing, abstract and traditional acrylic painting, and watercolours, but a bubbly social gathering that our students look forward to attending each week as well, as much for the friendship as anything else!

The number of pupils who come back for additional classes and workshops in the future is testament to not only how we teach, encourage and develop these budding artists, but provide an exciting and creative environment that they want to become actively involved in at the same time.

Each 14 week term is divided into one 3 hour teaching session every 7 days and is suitable for both novice and slightly more experienced pupils alike. Limiting our timetable to just 3 hours a week allows plenty of time to practice your growing artistic skills in between lessons, and ensures we don’t move too quickly if you discover you need a bit of extra time to find your feet in any particular module.


Our Typical Art Class Syllabus:

As a brief example, our structured tutoring covers topics such as pencil and graphite drawing to help you understand things like shading, formal perspective, observational sketching techniques, human facial features and figurative work in Module 1, moving onto a range of step-by-step tutorials in Module 2 using oil pastels.

You’ll then progress onto watercolours using A4 and A3 paper sizes in Section 3, covering important techniques such as laying a wash correctly, proper palette use with paint pans and tubes, creative colour mixing and tonal shading, the importance of individual brush strokes, understanding paint pigments and how they work together through the use of a colour wheel, and so on, before trying your hand at the modern and exciting medium of acrylics during the next part of the course.

Learning New Skills

Relax & Have Fun While You Learn

Both the watercolour and acrylic sessions are particularly popular, and these lessons include a selection of different still-life, landscape, contemporary and more traditional studies that wherever possible are appropriate to the season in which each individual course is held.

The nature of our tuition and the constant assistance available from both our teachers and class assistants will ensure that at this point in the curriculum you have reached a level of competence that will encourage you to progress further, and show your friends and relatives the finished pictures you have created during your three and a half months with us.

With this in mind we then teach you how to temporarily mount your favourite artwork using coloured sugar paper, in a way that will effectively provide a casual frame and allow them to be shown off to their best advantage, before encouraging you to invite as many friends as you wish to a private gallery exhibition of your sketches and pictures in week 14 of the syllabus.

All of our training is intended to ensure you progress artistically at a pace you are comfortable with, while seeing improvements in your creative capabilities and self-confidence along the way. You will leave with a selection of your own original pencil drawings, pastel sketches, acrylic paintings and watercolours to cherish, and a high proportion of our students then choose to go on to attend further lessons, studios and workshops in the future with us.

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