21 Jun

BBC Radio Solent Art Interview

BBC-Radio-SolentWe have been approached by BBC Radio Solent to conduct a live interview concerning the relationship between an art student’s age and the benefits of learning how to paint and draw.

This follows a discussion with the internationally acclaimed artist David Hockney. The Principal Tutor for our Bournemouth and Christchurch art classes, Amanda, talked live on air earlier today about the many positive benefits associated with art, particularly during retirement.

These include more than just meeting up with other like-minded students once a week who want to learn how to draw and paint and enjoy the social side of things. There are also positive links between taking up a new hobby such as painting and keeping the brain and memory active.

In fact we’ve had a number of pupils on our part-time Christchurch and Bournemouth art courses who have been recommended to attend art classes by their doctor following anything from depression to a stroke, and we frequently hear comments about how learning art has hugely improved their mental wellbeing.

A hobby such as watercolour painting, vibrant acrylics, or just sketching with a pencil can keep the mind active and help link up neurological pathways, and many pupils report switching off completely from other things going on in their lives while they are painting or drawing.

This can be a very effective way of relaxing while you concentrate on something other than the more mundane things that are inevitably part of everyday life.

So Amanda’s radio discussion provided a real insight into some of the unlikely but nevertheless positive aspects of joining a well-structured art class and learning how to draw or paint for the first time.