Paint Mediums

Various Tones

You’ll Use Different Pigments & Styles

The choice of different mediums available to art students learning to draw and paint for the first time can be quite daunting.

The trick is to narrow down this selection to a few of the more popular and commonly used types, giving you the confidence to branch out into other more sophisticated and complex painting techniques once you have gained a solid grounding at art school and started to find your feet a bit.

With this in mind, we provide step-by-step tuition in a range of different sketching and painting techniques, covering a variety of media. This will help you, as a budding artist, to develop a broad range of different skills, which will then allow you to branch out into other areas such as oils, pen and wash, gouache, ink, graphite or charcoal in the future if you wish.

Our Bournemouth art classes teach both beginners who have never drawn or painted before, and what we affectionately call ‘improvers’ — those slightly more experienced artists who have normally attended one of our foundation level courses in the past, and now wish to further develop their hobby or try their hand at a new style of painting or artistic medium. Our syllabus and method of teaching encourages every student to grow to their full potential, and many return time and time again for new lessons or to tackle different techniques.

Most pupils end up preferring one particular painting style, or choose to work in a favourite medium such as acrylic, watercolours or pastels, and our tuition allows them to ‘find their feet’ in this respect and gravitate towards a style of painting or drawing that suits their talents and personality best.

You can find our more about the various paint mediums we use by telephoning us on 01725 238491. We look forward to hearing from you.

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