26 Mar

Our First Bournemouth Art Class

Graphite Sketch

A Graphite Sketch

The Seasons Art Class in Bournemouth started its first part-time 14 week foundation drawing and painting course for beginners on Tuesday 18th March, with the initial feedback exceeding all expectations!

The course was over-subscribed meaning we had to restrict the number of students that were able to attend, but with our next art classes beginning on Tuesday 22nd July, there is not too long for the disappointed ones to wait!

The conservatory adjoining The Suncliff Hotel on the clifftop in Bournemouth proved to be a fantastic choice of venue, full of natural light and offering the space we needed to make sure all the pupils could easily see everything that Amanda, the class tutor, was teaching them.

Together with Amanda, Adrian provided additional classroom support, ensuring that any students who were struggling or had any questions were helped to master the various techniques, finishing the first lesson with a proper understanding of everything they had been shown.

The first module included tuition in some of the more basic but nevertheless essential drawing techniques that artists need to master if they are to progress to the next level. For example, we covered everything from basic mark-making using different pencil hardnesses, through to ‘setting a ground’, accurately representing light and dark shade, highlighting positive and negative areas on the paper, creating depth, understanding ellipses and how they change as the horizon line alters, and a range of other skills using nothing more than A3 cartridge paper, a sketch book, HB, 2B and 4B pencils, and an eraser.

Many students commented on how surprised they were at some of the effects that could be created using these materials, even by complete beginners.

With lesson 2 covering formal one point perspective and enlarging a picture using a simple grid, (together with a quick recap on what was taught in lesson 1), we are sure the pupils will be able to build on what they now already know, helping them on their exciting journey towards learning how to paint and draw successfully over the weeks ahead.