07 Mar

Sketching The Human Body For Beginners

Getting the proportions of the human figure right is vital if you want your finished picture to look realistic and lifelike, whether you are sketching or painting, and whether you’re a complete beginner or a more experienced artist… and there’s a surprisingly simple way to achive this, even if you’ve never drawn before.

In the short video below, Genevieve Woodford from The Seasons Art Class shows you the easy-to-copy techniques you need to draw the human body properly, using nothing more than a pencil and a sketch pad or sheet of cartridge paper. I hope you find it useful:

You’ll see that there are straightforward rules to bear in mind when you sketch people. Copy these guidelines and your completed drawing will always be in the correct proportion, allowing you to then add other elements to your artwork to make it more personal.

For example in an earlier video, Genevieve showed you how to get the proportions of the human face right, again using nothing more complicated than a grid format much like the above clip shows you. Using these two techniques together means you can then draw a complete person, embellishing your picture further if you wish by adding other props, clothing, a background scene, or anything else you wish to complete your painting.

Understanding how to sketch people properly is a skill you will find you need time and time again in your art, and is a technique that can be applied in all sorts of mediums from simple and spontaneous pencil sketches, to more complex watercolour paintings, semi-abstract acrylic works, pastel compositions, oil paintings, and a whole load more.

Simple practice is all you need to perfect the method shown above… and of course a 2B or 4B pencil or graphite stick, and a sheet of cartridge paper or your sketching pad.

I wish you every success!